Jardin’s Magical Hands

Alicia has a gentle spirit and an amazing ability to quickly connect with her clients and make them feel safe and listened to. Honing in on primarily Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques, she is able to intuitively sense areas of tension, adhesion, and blockage.

Alicia enjoys working with all varieties of people from expecting and post-partum mothers, to people with chronic pain or stress. Her energy and kind spirit provides a gentle and relaxing healing space where clients can achieve a deep level of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Alicia received her formal training at Massage Therapy Institute in Davis CA, where she studied various modalities including Swedish, pre-natal massage, and trigger point therapy. She continues to develop her knowledge and skill through additional trainings and workshops.

She holds certification from the California Massage Therapy Council. CMTC # 37292


Please visit her online schedule above, text, or call  (916) 798-5211 to book an appointment with Alicia.